FW 2016
Fashion trends can be seen on every street, an integral part of a world in constant change; street style influences and causes transformations. The world is connected, the feminine universe alert to new trends: curious, thirsty for knowledge, travelling, exploring and sharing the realms of art, lifestyle, green living and environmental awareness, constantly adapting its personal style. Caractère presents the new Autumn Winter collection, doing so through a catalogue that explores new regions, guiding us through the ever-changing expressive forms of contemporary style.

Two women
one city

Two women, two styles, one city. Urban journeys that intersect, overlap and separate. An increasingly streetwise style that influences and inspires, decoded and transformed into fashionable garments. Two women, two personalities, two different lifestyles, one brand. Caractère.

Artistic journeys

Art as energy. Vital energy needed for change, constantly flowing through our lifestyles, a constant and continuous fusion that permeates into our daily lives. From the moment it became easy to reproduce, art officially entered our homes and became an integral part of our lives, influencing fashion through its expressive shapes.